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    Welcome to the home of Evelutio, a refreshing new approach to providing business software that is easy to use and able to do what you need without any effort, knowledge or expertise.

  • Ok What's different

    Most businesses operate in the same way around 80% of the time, the other 20% however can be vital to how well you can operate.


    With Evelutio you get the 80%, but it is how we handle the other 20% that is more important to you.

    We recognise that your core desire is to focus on and run your business. Although a package that allows you to add your own fields, workflows or even code routines may sound attractive it is not always the best use of resources.


    With Evelutio you get a fully functioning business order management system along with a team of developers who will help you shape your product over time, all as part of your monthly subscription.

    How does it work?

    What makes us so different

    Development time is included with each users’ subscription so over a month you will accrue time to use for whatever work you need doing. If you want a new field adding into a specific area, a report or a dashboard creating then follow our simple template to tell us what you need, talk to your assigned developer and when you are happy agree for the work to be done.

    ‘Send six and fourpence we’re going to a dance’

    How we help to make sure you get what you asked for

    This may well be an urban myth however it is a great demonstration of the importance of clarity of communication. We appreciate your time is limited however we do need some input from you as to what yours needs are and to ensure we understand the request properly. All changes will be done in a test version of your system and must be signed off by you before they can be released into the live system.

    The technology

    How we make the system work so well

    All applications and data are hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform, this gives us a highly secure, resilient and high-performance solution. This will ensure your systems have the highest levels of availability and can continue to deliver as your organisation expands with no changes, migrations or large capital costs.

    What do I get to run my business

    Just let us know what integration you need

    As well as the core functionality discussed above, there are also a range of integration modules to help you run your business. Early on we elected not to build an accounts or payroll module, there are already great fully functioning and cost-effective solutions that makes more sense to integrate with.

    Our current range of integration partners include Xero and Office 365

    If you have a need that others will as well then help us build it and we will credit back your development time.

    Technical information

    For those that would like to know

    Automatic scaling Web and Database servers, as the system gets busier it will automatically make more resources available to cope with the load.

    All systems are fully redundant so even if there is an issue at a specific datacentre another data centre will pick up the load.

    The systems are all run within the European Union but location specific data centres can be arranged if required.

    All data is encrypted in transit between your web browser and the data servers, and all data is encrypted at rest

    Where is my data and how is it secured

    Security and compliance covered

    Your data resides in your own secure database and is only visible to you. All data is encrypted at rest so even if someone were able to download it the data would still be encrypted and secure.

    If you wish to move away we will make your data available to you to port into another system using a standard file format.

    If you want your data to be backed up to your own backup service, this can be arranged.

    If you want to integrate another of your own systems then our API will allow this to be done by a third party vendor or by us.

    If you need to access your data directly for reporting purposes or data analysis using something like Power BI this can also be arranged.

    Subscription details

    Subscription software made simple

    We work on a subscription basis rather than asking for a large capital sum, this is better for your cashflow and gives us a vested interest in ensuring you get the best product and service possible on a long-term basis.

    Each individual user requires a subscription, this can either be read/write or read only.

    All modules are available to all users and only restricted by the security model you define.

    Your subscription is on a rolling monthly basis and can be changed to suit your business needs at any time.

    Design and build

    What is possible?

    With a bespoke application anything is possible, let us know what you are looking for an we will advise if it is within our skill set, or if we know of an alternative that may suit you just right.

    Application advice

    How could we help?

    There are many software applications on the market and it is often a challenge to know which application to choose, we can undertake a requirements review, give advice and test guidance and where appropriate hep you implement your ideal application.

  • Core features

    A summary of the core functions, but theres so much more...


    Evelutio are a software solutions company based in Warwickshire, the founders of the business have been developing software solutions since 1995 and have an extensive knowledge of building software solutions for many different industries. After a spell working for other organisations we formed Evelutio at the end of 2016 and are creating a new style of Business Management applications for the modern business world.


    Our previous experience was primarily bespoke solutions, whilst absolutely ideal for a business can involve a large upfront investment and then unless maintained and updated to suit new demands can rapidly fall behind and lose the primary benefit of competitive advantage. Our solution will fill that gap between the ideal of bespoke and the convenience found in an off the shelf solution.