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  • Why choose us?

    It is exceptionally difficult to stand out in the market today, there are so many good software development businesses, globalisation has increased the pool of talent to choose from, and the choice of languages had grown exponentially over the last few years and for a business looking to embark on a bespoke software project the choices are frankly, bewildering.


    So how do we stand out amongst all this noise, we do not have large development teams, write in all languages known to man or compete based on price. We do however treat our customers with respect, we know where our strengths and the reality of our abilities and resources so if we cannot deliver what you need we will make that very clear, and do everything we can to help you find an alternative.


    Our focus is to ensure that we offer the best service to our clients.


    Our ongoing strategy is to grow the business organically with a commitment to quality, on-time delivery, customer engagement and working with clients where there is a long-term and close engagement. Our core belief is that bespoke software is never a single project exercise, to get the most from your investment there needs to be a long-term view, even when it reaches the stage of more support than development it should be seen as no different than a long-term licence and support agreement with an off the shelf solution vendor.


    We identified that our core goals are:

    • To develop projects with minimal distraction by not overloading the team or promising unrealistic timescales
    • Spend time choosing our development tools and defining internal processes to ensure consistent quality and delivery
    • To work in a close and transparent manner with our clients so there are no surprises with either functionality or costs


  • Technologies

    Development Tools

    • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022
    • DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF)

    Testing Tools

    • DevExpress TestCafe Studio

    Test Data Generator

    • Redgate SQL Data Generator

    Security Model, Auditing, Workflow, Attachment management

    • •These are core functions built into the XAF framework and the expectation is that the requirements as defined can all be done within the framework functionality. If we need to go beyond the framework we will discuss why, whether this can be avoided and any cost implications of doing so. As the requirements stand we believe this can all be done within the framework.



    Microsoft Azure will be used for all web services, database hosting, resilience, security and backup services

    Database (Live and Sandbox)

    • Microsoft Azure SQL is a fully functional RDBMS database hosted in Azure, the hosting charge includes licencing and is fully scalable from one to many thousands of users.

    • Resilience can be set from simple local backups and redundancy to multi-geographical fully mirrored solutions for live failover or reporting.

    • Security of the Azure platform is complemented by the standard SQL security model, IP address allow listing and optional SQL Defender for vulnerability scanning and anomaly detection.

    • Azure SQL Database uses SQL Server technology to create full backups every week, differential backups every 12-24 hours, and transaction log backups every 5 to 10 minutes in geo-redundant storage blobs that are replicated to a paired region.


    All of these can be tailored and enhanced to meet the business attitude to risk, recovery time and acceptable cost.


    Web Application Services

    • The web application will be hosted on a standard Azure Web App Production plan with:

    • Auto scale for performance (up to 10 instances of the website)

    • Up to 5 staging slots for testing and development

    • Application backups 10 times a day

    • Traffic management

    All of these can be tailored and enhanced to meet the business attitude to risk, recovery time and acceptable cost.


    Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) (Optional)

    • Azure Web Application Firewall is a cloud-native service that protects web apps from common web-hacking techniques such as SQL injection and security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, covering the OWASP top 10 security risks, real-time visibility of anomalies and security alerts.

    Azure Pipeline

    • The application will be deployed directly from the integrated development environment using Azure Pipeline. When a new release is required the release code will be published to the Sandbox platform handling the update of both the SQL and Web Applications and applying any required scripts for data preparation etc.
    • Once the Sandbox version has been tested and accepted by the client the Pipeline will be updated to release to Live.
    • This is a fully managed process and allows either a tightly controlled release process or urgent bug fixes and change requests to be deployed in minimal time.

    Azure Hosting

    • Either we can provide and manage this as a dedicated subscription under our own tenancy or you can manage this yourself.

    Evelutio are a software solutions company based in Warwickshire, the founders of the business have been developing software solutions since 1995 and have an extensive knowledge of building software solutions for many different industries. After a spell working for other organisations we formed Evelutio at the end of 2016 and are creating a new style of Business Management applications for the modern business world.


    In 2016 David had been working with a Freeman Clarke client for a couple of years, one of the projects was to find a software solution that would meet the business needs, this had been proving difficult to do and all off-the-shelf solutions required a large amount of customisation. The then Managing Director of the client asked David (knowing his background) if he would consider writing a bespoke solution for them.

    David and Andrew had been working together on numerous bespoke software projects from 1995 to 2014 and Andrew was looking for something different, there was an obvious alignment so Evelutio was formed.


    That initial project was a large undertaking and took 2 years from scoping, requirement gathering, design and coding for phase 1 to go live. Since then there has been a continuous development cycle to meet the changing demands of the business, introducing new functionality that has helped the business transition from the 30-person £13m turnover business to the 60-person £35m turnover business it is today.


    In 2021 we were approached by former colleagues in the Pension industry and asked if we would develop a Small Self Administered Pension (SaaS) software platform, and help them build a new business, as such Evelutio became a partner in SeaBridge SSAS, took on our first employee as an apprentice and began our second development project.


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    Some further history

    Previous clients

    Andrew and I started working together at Complete Business Systems back in 1995, during our time we have worked on various financial solution projects across multiple clients and industries.
    • Lots of local SME businesses over multiple industry types
    • BBC
    • Cable and Wireless
    • HSBC
    • NPI
    • Legal and General
    • Many other pension providers and banks
  • Contact Us

    EPIC, 4 Barling Way, Nuneaton CV10 7RH
    Mon - Fri 9-5